SapTrap Builder

(A plasmid Editor)

(Mos-mediated single copy insertion)



Jorgensen lab plasmids are available from Addgene.








SapTrap builder is a program for guided construction of reagents for CRISPR-based genome engineering.

Downloads are availible at





ApE is an integrated program for plasmid construction and visualization. It includes a sequence editor, a linear text map identifying sequence features such as restriction sites and ORFs, and a graphic view that highlights sites and features in your sequences. A program designed by a molecular biologist, for molecular biologists.

Downloads are availible at





MosSCI is a method for inserting transgenes as single copies into a known chromosomal site in C. elegans.

MosSCI strains, vectors and protocols can be found at





Biplane Fpalm high resolution microscope. (See Vutara)




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