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Biplane FPALM super resolution microscope

30 March 2009: Dr. Brian T. Bennett and Dr. Joerg Bewersdorf (Yale Shool of Medicine) announce completion of a BiPlane FPALM super-resolution microscope in the laboratory of Dr. Erik Jorgensen at the University of Utah
Biplane Instrumentation and Design

Brian Bennett
Research Assistant Professor
Biology Department
University of Utah

See the scope in action

Joerg Bewersdorf
Assistant Professor
Department of Cell Biology
Yale School of Medicine

University of Utah, Department of Biology - Dr. Brian T. Bennett (Assistant Research Professor in the laboratory of Dr. Erik Jorgensen), in collaboration with Dr. Joerg Bewersdorf (Assistant Professor, Department of Cell Biology, Yale University), completed the assembly of a super-resolution FPALM, Biplane microscope.  This instrument is a counterpart to the recently completed system at The Jackson Laboratory. This version improves the user interface and operation through a unique adaptation of the Agilent/Till Photonics Imic microscope. Biplane microscopy provides three-dimensional sub-100nm resolution (~30X30X75nm) of thick samples without scanning. The method employs the dual plane detection system of Biplane microscopes to achieve super-resolution in the z-axis.  Biplane methodology is combined with fluorescent photoactivatable localization microscopy (FPALM) to enable 3D sub-diffraction resolution without scanning.

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Sam Hess
Assistant Professor of Physics
University of Maine
Sam Hess' group
U Maine biophysics group



Kendall Knight
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
UMass Medical School